Natural products for curly hair

About us

Our story begins with a little african girl growing up near Paris, touching her hair in front of her mirror and wondering why they don't swing like this beautiful woman on TV, or like her friends at school. She was already feeling that powerful urge suggested by society, an urge to get straight hair, an urge to be dignified by them, they would make her look fly, professional and beautiful … until she realised as an adult what that quest really meant : not loving the way those hair originally look, not loving the way half of the humanity looks, not thinking black or mixed people are beautiful enough to appear to the world this way.

In reaction to that, Bilguissa Diallo (the little girl turned into an author and journalist who've spent years observing, thinking and writing about black experience), founded Leydi Beauty in Paris, from that wish to contribute to make daily life and beauty easier to most people. Because we all deserve to seek beauty simply without sacrificing our health and self-esteem. She choosed to name her first brand Nappy Queen to embrace the movement of pride towards african origins and african beauty ! She's unapologetic about being black, because those roots are deep, the african soil is rich, african history is resilient and deserves respect !

As we all learned to manage this complex and yet beautiful hair material, we learned to love ourselves more, to teach people around us to love us the way we really are. We strive to turn our clients into Queens 🙂

We are focused on results, simplicity of use and access to the product. They are based on natural ingredients, we manufacture them through great french laboratories that respect the latest european cosmetic legislation. We work hard to develop our ranges, network and allow our client to get good advice in our distribution network (hair salon, beauty shops, pharmacies).

If you recognize yourself in that description, we wish you enjoy our products
Leydi Beauty Team