Natural products for curly hair

Our ingredients

Our products are formulated up to 99% natural ingredients to hydrate, nourish, repair and strengthen your hair and give you glossy, soft and well-defined curls.


Beurres huiles végétaux nappyqueen

Shea Butter

Packed with hydrating active ingredients, it protects, softens and nourishes hair fibers and makes your hair shine!

Jojoba oil

It restores balance and vitality to dry and damaged hair. It prevents hair loss and makes hair shiny and soft.

Castor oil

The ultimate hair strengthener regenerates and rehydrates damaged hair and helps it flourish.

Coconut oil

It nourishes and softens hair fibres to make your hair shine.

Argan oil

This precious oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants to boost hydration and prevent hair loss and split ends.


Actifs performants nappyqueen

Sweet almond oil and protein

Sweet almond is a vitamin-packed nutritional cocktail that helps protect hair and softens it to make it easier to style.

Bitter orange and ylang ylang essential oil

They energise hair. Our blend of essential oils exude peace, relaxation and harmony. They are not used in our products designed for under 7s as they are unsuitable for children.

Conditioning and super-soft surfactant ingredients

They help leave your hair feeling soft, silky and easy to style. Plant-based biodegradable surfactants delicately cleanse without damaging hair fibers.

Glycerine, triglyceride, sodium lactate

Our formulas are enriched with hydrating, moisturizing and softening ingredients to protect hair from external factors and ensure it’s fully hydrated.


Emolients pour assouplir nappy queen

Coco-caprylate and carrageenan

Natural plant-derivatives, sources of nutrients and minerals, they give hair shine and softness by smoothing hair fibers and closing cuticles. They provide the benefits of silicone the natural way. They make styling your hair easier by strengthening and smoothing hair making it look silky.

Fatty alcohols

These natural emollients and emulsifiers boost the texture of our products (how they feel), their nourishing features and help our ingredients penetrate hair fibers. These shouldn’t be confused with ethyl alcohol (type of disinfectant alcohol) which irritate and dry out hair and are not used in our products.


Our formulas get our full attention to ensure you get products of a high standard.
They are made in France and do not contain:

  • ANY endocrine disrupters (paraben, phenoxyethanol, phthalates) whose prolonged and regular use affects hormonal balance and is dangerous to your health.
  • ANY PEGs which contain cancerous toxic impurities (including heavy metals). They are not recommended for use on damaged skin.
  • ANY sulphates (e.g. SLS, SLES) which dry out hair fibres and weaken the hair types our products are designed for.
  • ANY silicone as regular use is comedogenic (silicone artificially masks hair, blocks fibers, is hard to rinse out and clogs hair in the long-term).
  • ANY chemical colourings which are highly allergenic.
  • ANY mineral oil, petrolatum or paraffin which are chemical diluents that stop the main ingredients working properly.

To help protect the environment, we have decided not to over-package our products. In keeping with current legislation, our products are not tested on animals.




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