Natural products for curly hair

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Nappy Queen is a range of products for kinky, frizzy, curly, relaxed hair and locks. It allows a combination of routine for busy people that are not ready to stand hours in the bathroom. We use a blend of natural ingredients that prevent hair breakage while hydrating, nourishing, repairing, and strengthening your hair. It also brings shine, definition and softness to your curls.

Our combination of hair care products can easily fit into your daily routine.

Discover our routine depending on your hair type

cheveux frisés crépus
Frizzy to kinky
cheveux boucles
cheveux locksés
cheveux défrisés lisses
cheveux enfant
Curly children
cheveux frisés crépus

Frizzy-Kinky hair

(Type 3 and 4 A-B-C)

Weekly cleansing : Pre-poo conditioner every 2 shampoos + Soft cleanser weekly (or Purifying shampoo 1/3 times) + Conditioner (or deep conditioner for dyed or relaxed hair)

Daily styling : Hair balm and Styling milk (to hydrate and style) + Serum (can be mixed with water)

cheveux boucles

Curly hair

(Type 2)

Weekly cleansing : Pre-poo conditioner 1/3 times + Soft cleanser weekly (or Purifying shampoo monthly + conditioner)

Daily styling : Serum (can be mixed with water) daily moisturizer + Styling milk when you need your curls to be more defined

cheveux locksés


Weekly cleansing : Pre-poo conditioner (under steamer or hot towel) + Purifying shampoo weekly

Daily styling : Serum (directly sprayed)

Relaxed hair

Relaxed hair

Weekly cleansing : Pre-poo conditioner every 2 shampoo + Soft cleanser weekly (or Purifying shampoo monthly)

Daily styling : Oil serum daily  (can be mixed with water) + Daily moisturizer and/or Styling milk every 2 days

LeydiBeauty Cheveux défrisés ou lissés
LeydiBeauty Cheveux enfants
cheveux enfant


After 12 years old

Soft cleanser (once or twice a week) or Purifying shampoo (once a month) + Conditioner (for kinky hair type) + Daily moisturizer or hair balm + serum (everyday)

Under 12

Detangling shampoo weekly + Daily Moisturizer (Nappy Kids), or Nappy Queen hair balm for kinky textures