Natural products for curly hair


Composition : purifying shampoo, conditioner, daily moisturizer

Usage : You don’t know how to deal with your dry hair, you’ve tried every solutions without success. Maybe you have a low porosity issue. But you need to make a test first.

Take some of your washed and dried hair, put it in a glass of water and watch how it reacts. If it stays on the surface, it means you have a low porosity hair type, your hair cuticules are not opened so No nutriment gets into your hair fiber.

Thus you need to use a warm rinsing water when you shampoo to open the cuticules, and a steamer eventually after your shampoo (with a leave-in conditioner); The products you use have to be light in order not too block your cuticules or be too heavy on them.

Our pack will give efficient results on your hair, adding the softness they need. 3 light products to cleanse, detangle and hydrate gently your hair

Use the cleansing products on a weekly basis and the styling product on a daily basis

Size : 8.4 fl.oz for each product

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