Natural products for curly hair


Composition : 1 detangling brush + 1 microfiber hair towel + 1 serum

Usage :

You need the essential tools to help you keep your curls healthy and in good shape besides our products. Our kit contains all the elements that will help you reach this goal :

Our detangling brush will help you on a daily basis keep your hair organized without tangles. Use it ideally on wet hair with a conditioner on it. If you need to detangle your hair besides the shampoo session, spray your hair with a mixture of water and oil before brushing.

Our microfiber towel will dry your hair while keeping it the structures of your curls. Its size makes it ideal to bring when you travel. Use it each time you shampoo.

Our serum will help you maintain the nutrition of your hair and prevent the hair breakage with its argan, jojoba and coconut oils. Spray it in your hands and apply the serum on the ends or the length of your hair. You can also mix the content the water for a lighter effect. Keep the bottle to help you create your own homemade hair spray, mixing 50% of organic oils with water.

Brush : 2.9 x 7.3 x 1.4 inch / TOWEL : 15.75 x 35.43 inch / Serum : 8.4 fl.oz

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